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Lani Ford: News/Blog

Hit the ground running...

Posted on April 2, 2008

Hey there, Well, we made it back in one piece...or 3 pieces, I should say. London was a blast...Leeds was...interesting. Thanks to Mook Rehearsal studios for saving our ass. The climax was being interviewed for Total Rock radio on Friday March 28th for an hour. Catbird played cuts from Put It To Your Head and we also got to make requests of everything from Kiss to Agnostic Front. We met some kickass bands and friends and definitely want to thank Shari Levy and Marc Plastic and Odette and Simone Stenfors and Lucky Lawler for their amazing help and support. Can’t wait to go back. Thanks to Chris from Fading Ways artists collective for taking our stuff to put up for sell on their website and Roy at Noise Merchandise for some great t’s, tanks and thongs, you can purchase on their website at www.tshirtmachine.com. We were actually just featured again today on Radio Gets Wild internet radio in the UK and I was able to listen to the program until right before Dee played our song, so I don’t know which one she played because my computer crashed and by the time I got it back up, I just heard her saying some really sweet things about the band and the tour. We are also featured (well, Lani Ford is but my profile goes to the band page) on the front page of Nextcat.com. We will be played by the amazing Genya Ravan once again on Little Steven’s Underground Garage Channel 25 on Sirius radio on her Chicks and Broads show Friday April 4th at 10pm EST. www.goldiesgarage.us Plus, we just got a terrific album review on Soundcheck Magazine’s website. http://www.soundcheck-magazine.net/stark.html They’ll be reviewing 2 live shows in next month’s issue. Very exciting stuff as we look down the road at 2 kickass Arlene’s Grocery dates. We’ll be taking the summer off to plan another visit to Europe, plus the Southeast U.S. and hopefully California and Canada. Give us a holler if you have any info regarding touring in these areas. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out and to those who flaked...you know what you can do.:)