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Lani Ford: News/Blog

Indie On Air and new review

Posted on May 16, 2010

So much has been going on and I promise to send you an email soon. I've been wrapping up the UK tour booking plus getting our fill-in drummer, Eric Kuby, up to speed. Also, I've been trying to get prepared for my solo acoustic showcase in L.A. June 8th. I've recorded 4 acoustic songs with Hogan at Doghouse Studios with Gig Lizzy and her hubby Brent McLachlan with more to go hopefully before I return from tour and have to have surgery on my wrist. In the meantime, Jeff "Classic" Popka interviewed me on his show Indie On Air which you can hear in his archives at http://www.indieonair.com



Race To The Floor got a kick-ass review in Femme Metal as well: http://www.femmemetal.net/starkfacetothefloorrev.htm I'll get you the rest of the updates soon. Please tell your friends to sign our mailing list and come see us in L.A. and the UK. Thanks!!! Love and rock, Lani