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Lani Ford: News/Blog

Lani Ford announces the finale of STARK and the beginning of the Revolutionaries

Posted on July 17, 2011





Lani Ford has started the group Tania & The Revolutionaries as STARK plays their final show July 30th.


Before and after surgery on her wrist in 2010, STARK’s Lani Ford recorded over 20 songs she had written for demos at 30Below Studios with Brent McLaclan (drummer from Bailter Space) in New York City.  She was inspired by a lot of the recordings where she had experimented with different guitars, Fender Rhodes keys and percussion, so she decided to make a little acoustic album, warts and all, that didn’t seem to fit the image STARK had been building since the band’s inception in 2003.  She invited a few musician friends she had known from different (or the same) bands over the years to come in and play, adding viola, flute and a variety of guitars and percussion.


Turns out all but two of the musicians were women and they wanted to see if maybe they could form a band.  Lani was reading the Patty Hearst story at the time and decided Tania & The Revolutionaries would be a cool name for the project and would cover people coming and going within the group, as she has seen happen over the many years of having a band.  She wanted to escape the confines of the hard rock world and focus on the songs, revolting against the overly produced pop music of today on the small scale and the corporatization of America in the larger scheme of things. 


The new CD from Tania & The Revolutionaries, The Final Blow, has just been released with eco-friendly slip cases.  Lyrics will be available online and in print-to-order booklets.  The cover artwork was designed by the founder of New York Waste Magazine, Lucky Lawler.  Besides core members Laura Sativa (flute, percussion, backing vocals) and Josette (guitar), Lani was joined on the recording by Amalia Daskalakis (viola), Lizzy Bowman (backing vocals, percussion), Brent McLachlan (percussion), Joe Hogan (guitar) and Raine Palladino (drums, percussion). 


The live show has Lani Ford playing guitar and mandolin, which with the flute, percussion, harmonies and sparse arrangements, makes the act unusual in this day and age.  The Revolutionaries call it “goth Americana”.  The band just returned from playing shows in Virginia and Nashville, including the Nashville Songwriters Festival to perform at the acclaimed City Winery in NYC.  They will play the Fresh Air Festival for Big Mountain Entertainment in New Jersey October 1st.  They also hope to record at least 2 new songs in Nashville over the summer.  Ford had a song from each band selected for the recent Indie Artists Alliance download card offer.


STARK’s latest CD Race To The Floor has been receiving international radio and internet airplay and decent press but Lani Ford has mostly had to represent the band in a solo acoustic act, recently performing in Los Angeles on the bill with the legendary Danny B. Harvey.  After many years and more money spent than she would like to admit, over a year without a permanent drummer, then the departure of Joe Hogan, Ford just cannot justify continuing to spend so much effort on STARK at this time.  They will play their farewell show at Trash Bar in Brooklyn July 30th.