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Lani Ford: News/Blog

Lani Ford solo, STARK at Charleston and votes needed...love y'all

Posted on July 30, 2009

Joe and Lani had (too much) fun playing the last night of Corio. Great hanging with new and old friends. Lani will play solo acoustic at Ten-Eleven Friday July 31st at 9pm for a Frank Wood presents night. Free! STARK plays the Charleston in Williamsburg Monday August 3rd at 11pm. ******************************************************************************** STARK beat all challengers and advanced to the next round of the Best Music Video 5 competition. The next Contest round has already begun and STARK's video is now in Match 1. Thanks so much for your votes! Here is a direct link to the Contest: http://www.makeastar.com/rounds.asp?rContestId=7667 Here is a direct link to the Contest Match: http://www.makeastar.com/match.asp?rContestId=7667&rMatchName=Match+1&rMatchType=Semi-Final ********************************************************************************** STARK is a featured artist of the month on www.celebrityhilltv.com. http://www.celebrityhilltv.com/members/462/blog.php Check out STARK's new profile at http://moozone.com/artist/1382/Stark Thanks for everything. Our friend Stephen has supplied us with video and photos from Punk Island. Check it out when you can...more to come. Rock on!