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RACE To The Floor is on!!!!

Posted on March 12, 2010

We've been getting so much great support for Race To The Floor already. Thanks so much!!!! Hogan was on the Metal Inquisition on East Village Radio last Saturday. Women's Radio is spinning Get It until May 1st. You can find your song, “Get It” in our current playlist on WomensRadio Independent Channel on Live365, which will air approx. 2X/Day until our next playlist update on May 1st, 2010!

Hint: The playlist is in alphabetical order, so if you’re listening for yourself, you’ll have a better idea of what’s coming up next. You can listen in and promote your involvement with WomensRadio Independent Channel on Live365 by using the following URL’s:



 …and also on your mobile device at http://www.live365.com/play/womens_radio

 In addition, we’ve created a page on WomensRadio.com dedicated to all of the musicians featured in our March / April Playlist Update, which can be viewed/promoted via the following URL: http://www.womensradio.com/articles/2010-Playlist-Update-02/4604.html

End of The Line was just the song of the Day March 7th on FM102x.

Thanks to Craig Williams at KNAC for spinning songs last night in Cali.

Randy Now of WTSR in Trenton is spinning cuts.

Dan Herman just played Getting Along on Radio Crystal Blue last week.

Raine from The Live Music Media Radio show is spinning "OH NO!" this weekend and has been featuring the video on HomeGrown TV.

Race To The Floor has been added to playlist at WRSU.

Fingers Homegrown site at WBAB will be adding the CD and Mike SOS will be spinning it and writing about it. We've had awesome support from local DJ's too like DJ Jette, DJ Simon and Pat Pervert. And the awesome Christy Mannering did a write up and has a contest for a CD and more on her website at www.scrink.com

And now Race To The Floor is up on CD BABY!!!


Stark: Race to the Floor

Hope to see you at Arlene's Grocery tomorrow night!!!! Thanks so much!!!