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STARK press release for Put It To Your Head

Posted on January 19, 2008

STARK's CD RELEASE!!! Saturday, January 26th, 2008 7 to midnight Club Midway--STARK's CD Release Party!!! 25 Avenue B @ 3rd Street New York, New York 10009 Cost: $10 Free CD with Admission Bring copy of our ad (with the old date on it) in the New York Waste and get a free STARK t-shirt! Frank Wood Presents STARK’s CD Release Party for Put It To Your Head! With our friends Billy Magee Blue Shadow Dogs Sprinkle Genies Girl To Gorilla Grande ***Special guest just announced--John Law*** STARK plays at 10:30! 'STARK's Lani Ford must be one of the most honest people walking the planet today. Her lyrics are penned with the intimate abandon that is usually reserved for one's diary. With STARK, she transforms these personal reveries into emotionally charged Rock'N'Roll...Somehow Lani has mustered the courage to reveal her innermost self, a rare trait within the egotistical realm of Rock'N'Roll. More power to her.'--Chuck Foster - Big Takeover Magazine, Spring 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York, January 20, 2008--NYC rock trio STARK releases Put It To Your Head. Leaving a trail of broken hearts and sewn wild oats, STARK returns with a more mature outlook on their sophomore album Put It To Your Head, released January 26, 2008. With Lani Ford up front on vocals and bass, Josette on guitar and Sweet Rob Endemann on drums and backing vocals, STARK retains their adolescent hi-jinks and intense honesty. STARK’s second LP has managed to be more upbeat, heavier, and still tells interesting stories inspired by the past 4 years in New York City. Produced by Lani Ford and Sonic Joe Hogan, Put It To Your Head was the last album recorded at the legendary Schoolhouse Studios in New York City. The LP opens up with the fun punk rock song, “18 Again”. “I Pay (Man In The Moon)” with Pam “the metal queen” Grande on backing vocals along with Lani and Sweet Rob tells the painful saga of a person who’s given up and stirs up a feeling of Sass Jordan or Evanescence. There’s also “Nothing’s Wrong”, a full-on punk song about a junkie who doesn’t see what the problem is. “Dreams Come True” brings in a little alt-country sound with the story of a dominatrix who OD’s because someone else married her gay lover. “Reliably Disappointing Relationship (R-D-R)” is a dry interpretation about just that, bringing up images of early Blondie. “This Day” is a hopeful, musically different piece about getting past daily life crap to sing a new song. The mournful and melodic “OH NO!” is always a crowd favorite. “Disturbed” is a punk farce about drinking and driving which pays homage to Moses. “Co-Dependent” is a heavy melodic piece relating the tale of a girl addicted to her addict boyfriend. The album wraps up with an acoustic version of “Butterfly”, recorded live in the studio with Josette and Lani in the same booth. STARK has enough material for at least 2 future records to be produced sooner than later with a lot of funny, disturbing, moving, and inspiring material out there. On Put It To Your Head, deep-fried, Texas-sized vocals dripping underground New York attitude jars the senses with catchy hooks and cool licks. It’s sweet blues-country soul colliding with charming poetic angst. All 10 songs are written by Lani Ford who just picked up an ASCAP Plus songwriter’s award for the 3rd year in a row. STARK is headed to the UK for a short tour March 24-31, 2008. For more information, check out the official website www.starknyc.com or www.myspace.com/stark. ### STARK Booking and Info Kicking and Screaming Music /Lani Ford Put It To Your Head is available for download at http://www.digstation.com/stark