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STARK Race To The Floor exposed

Posted on March 7, 2010

Even though I am extremely pissed that someone hit and run Eddy the van before we've even been on a proper tour, I am happily distracted by the fact that STARK's new CD Race To The Floor is being released this week and we're able to kick off the celebration with a little help from our friends, old and new. First of all, our 2nd review is up on www.scrink.com http://www.scrink.com/2010/03/05/win-a-stark-album-from-lani-ford-at-scrink-com/comment-page-1/#comment-2987
STARK was featured this week on IndieMusikChick http://www.indiemusikchick.com/profiles/friend/listFeatured?xg_source=msg_feat_profile
Craig Williams will be playing "What It Is" on his Uncharted show on KNAC in Hollywood Sunday March 7th between 5 and 8pm (PST) Also, Dan Herman will play a cut on his Radio Crystal Blue podcast the week of March 7th. http://www.bigcontact.co/radiocrystalblu/rss http://www.facebook.com/radiocblue
"On The Edge" is getting play on the SoundClick station 98.6 The Width http://members.soundclick.com/station/763084
Hope to see you at Arlene's Grocery Saturday March 13th 10pm sharp! for a 45 minute set from STARK. The new CD will be available and we'll be recording live...plus we have a couple of new songs for ya! As always, thanks and much love, Lani