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Lani Ford: Music

18 Again

January 26, 2008
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

18 AGAIN Lani Ford  2005 VERSE 1: 18 again with malicious intent So many stories I don’t need to invent The drummer seemed to like it, the bass player did too But I like the guitarist too bad He don’t like you, oh no CHORUS: So I put him on the shelf and took home someone else And was left all by myself the wind taken out of my sails No boyfriend for my birthday but plenty of lonely madness They’re home with their girlfriends while I clean up the damn mess VERSE 2: And struggle with my darkness might be forced to confess But I’ll do my darndest to be remembered as the best CHORUS BRIDGE: Too tough to care you can see my underwear Too rough to bear the childish antics everywhere Too much to be the one to take it personally And too soon you’ll see it’s cool to have no self-esteem VERSE 3: I think about drinking first thing in the morning Does that make me stressed out or just an alcoholic CHORUS The damn mess