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Lani Ford: Music

I Pay (Man In The Moon)

January 26, 2008
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

I PAY (Man in the Moon) Lani Ford  2004 VERSE 1: Man in the moon why you laughin’ at me What did I do to you, why won’t you let me be I worked all my life just to get something better I dotted each I crossed each T to the letter CHORUS: And I don’t see any way That this can be okay There’s nothin’ left to say So I pay I pay VERSE 2: I need to sleep but I can’t close my eyes Yes, I’m in too deep, I’ve told too many lies I have discovered nothing matters at all Yeah, no one can love you and you’ll miss your call CHORUS BRIDGE: I know the taste of infection when inspiration becomes decay Despite your desperation, I’ll play and I’ll pay VERSE 3: Man in the moon where did you disappear Didn’t I love you, did I make myself clear I have endangered the best of my friends With unbridled anger, I see the end CHORUS