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Lani Ford: Music

This Day

January 26, 2008
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

THIS DAY Lani Ford  2004 VERSE 1: Good deal my father would say in the streets where we used to play Big deal my mother would say we'd starve while in his arms she would lay So what if my hair's dirty today What if my dang panties can't stay Straight up that was yesterday So close Yet so far away CHORUS: And this day is my ever-y-thing The day I finally learned how to sing To-day is my ever-y-thing Other-wise I'm no-thing VERSE 2: Hell yeah Has become the expression BFZ has made quite an impression Oh well I'll use my sense of humor Life's short At least that's the rumor Sorry Won’t be on my lips Why me Just won’t factor in Bite me Will be one of my quips Eat me And my dust you damn whimps cuz CHORUS BRIDGE: So Goodbye to tomorrow Kiss off to yesterday No time to drown in sorrow I got bills to pay Ridin’ under the radar Just lookin’ for some love Stayin’ out of the quagmire So much stuff to rise above But CHORUS Other-wise I’m no-thing