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Lani Ford: Music

Nothing's Wrong

(Lani Ford and STARK)
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

NOTHING’S WRONG Lani Ford  2005 VERSE 1: I’m finally relaxing Or I’m just doped up and lazy I started relapsing And someone tried to save me All the official details Are still a bit hazy It’s not all my fault It’s just a bad day see My baby thinks I have a problem An addiction she can’t cure She knows it’s not possible To make me become pure It’s really no one’s business If I od’d at a club If I got arrested, died or Caused more hubbub In the lives of those who love me Or claim to anyway How can they really know me If I never show my way I like to get all jacked up They don’t think that’s okay If I want to kill myself Why should they have a say CHORUS: Nothing’s wrong I’m just a junkie Nothing’s wrong Quit trying to help me Nothing’s wrong My skin’s turning yellow Nothing’s wrong I’m just the wrong kinda fellow VERSE 2: My pupils were pinning I was sleeping on a barstool When my old lady found out I really got an earful All the people were freaking And I started feeling awful I couldn’t speak even though I had a mouthful I had a spoon So I went into the bathroom Someone went and told And the cops were there real soon At least I had a buzz So I acted like a buffoon They got me into cuffs And I guess I kinda did swoon My old lady was at home and Wanted to kick my ass She told me to come home and Told me “that’s the last chance” Now I’m stuck at home cuz I can’t get me a daypass I’ll regain her trust And then I’ll be free at last CHORUS Nothing’s wrong I’m just a boozer Nothing’s wrong I’m not a loser Nothing’s wrong Oh I pissed on my elbow Nothing’s wrong I’m just a drunk kinda fellow Nothing’s wrong! Nothing’s wrong! Nothing’s wrong!