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Lani Ford: Music


(Lani Ford and STARK)
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

CO-DEPENDENT  2005 Lani Ford VERSE 1: He must like girls with drama All these damsels in distress Must have somethin’ to do with Mama Or why he’s so darn depressed When we play spin the bottle Or he ties me up in bed His smile is just so awful And his eyes are cold and dead Cuz CHORUS: He needs drugs And I need him There is no way I can win Not even sure How to begin Cuz he needs drugs— And I need him VERSE 2: As soon as I think it’s over He comes crawlin’ back to me He says there hasn’t been another And he’s callin’ and followin’ me But it doesn’t have to be a woman To take the place of my body heat And we all know that it’s not And then I feel defeat Cuz CHORUS VERSE 3: And I know that he’ll be my ruin Cuz he took me to the highest ecstasy That I have ever been through And it was not sexually I guess that’s why it’s so hard To let go of the good side of him Cuz if someone could be perfect He’s the closest for me there’s been But BRIDGE: And I’ve heard the stories And I’ve heard the lies And I’ve seen the deceit Deep in his eyesG And I push him away Then I reel him back in But he’s the one controlling Me, on that I can depend cuz CHORUS