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Lani Ford: Music

Butterfly (acoustic)

(Lani Ford and STARK)
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

BUTTERFLY Lani Ford  5-8-2002 VERSE 1 You killed (you killed) The butterflies in my belly Shot down (down to the ground) By the things that you tell me Complete (incomplete) And sincere melancholy Felt deep (down in) Down into my body CHORUS But I….(I…) Wanted you there beside me (inside of me) And you…(you…) Couldn’t have cared (less) so you lied to me And now… (I’m…) Going away (far away/to stay) from you baby And you… (you…) Wouldn’t have stayed (no way) any damn way So Goodbye Butterfly Don’t cry Goodbye Butterfly Goodbye VERSE 2 I bought (I bought) Your insipid story I ought (to have not) To have thought that you bored me But now (it’s gone) It’s gone and I’m sorry For me (for you) For being so horny CHORUS VERSE 3 I got (I got) Lost on that mountain But I (could not) Never could find the fountain So age (old age) Has always been my captain Stupidity (lucidity) And cigarettes keep me achin. CHORUS