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Lani Ford: Music

Summer Girl

Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

SUMMER GIRL Lani Ford  1999 Alone on the edge of the highway, eggs frying right there by her feet. I picked the summer girl up from those dirty Dallas streets. Seven months in her belly, a little pink flower in her hand. She said she was going to Fort Worth. I knew she was running from her man. She had bruises on her legs that weren’t the first she’d ever seen. I knew that somewhere someone had somehow been so mean. The baby in her stomach may not make it till next week. When I dropped her off I noticed a dirt stained tear upon her cheek. “Thanks for the ride, man. I needed a lift today. I wish that I could pay you, but as you see there is no way. I’m homeless and I’m manless. Ain’t got no shoes upon my feet. And when I go to Hell I hope it’s somewhere further from the heat. She didn’t know where she was gonna end up. I don’t know if she ever did. I left her standing on the roadside, wishing that we’d never met. And when I pulled away so far she wasn’t in my mirror. I looked over to the seat beside me, and there was the little flower. She had clutched it in her hand so tight, it was wilted as could be. And somehow that old flower, well, it meant everything to me. So I keep it with me all the time although it looks so bad. I hope that somehow that poor child can make it with no dad. CHORUS