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Lani Ford: Music

Cryin' In The Mornin'

Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

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CRYING IN THE MORING Lani Ford  2003 I’m shutting down I’m closing off Just a little bit longer Then I’ll stop You’re cumming over me Til I can’t sing The other girls you see Don’t mean anything I’m crying in the morning I’m lonely at night To call you my boyfriend Just doesn’t feel right You’re cool and indifferent You suck my life dry I open my soul While you only lie And I’m wasting my time Writing these words I’m wasting my energy To only get worse Than I have ever had Or ever hoped for Too bad, so sad Guess I don’t deserve more You’re opening statements Laid down the law We’re both the plaintiff Defendant and bar I’m crying on the phone You’re saying I’m crazy It just goes on and on And everything’s so hazy I’m going over Every conversation Trying to uncover A little information As to Why you let me down And set me loose Why you’d shut me out To turn to blues You withhold your love And wonder why I can’t get enough And analyze Why I’m crying in the whiskey I’m sleeping around And when you finally see I’ll fin’lly be gone I’m running in the sunshine I’m dying at dawn But you would never be mine So now I’m finally gone