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Lani Ford: Music

Look At Me (Explicit)

Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

LOOK AT ME Lani Ford  2002 VERSE 1: Look at me Trying to be a rock star Look at me Thinking how lucky you are Wait and see I’m gonna get outta the bars You’ll think of me When you’re riding in your car Without me there beside you Without me sucking your cock Without me on the table With my legs spread apart Without me on the park bench Without me on the floor Without you there behind me With me begging for more VERSE 2: Look at you Running off without me Look at you Saying how happy you’ll be What to do When I know you won’t have me Because of you I’m going crazy Without you here beside me Without me (sitting) on your face Without you here inside me Crowding my space Without you in the kitchen Without you screaming my name Without you’re little bitchin’ Because I never came CHORUS: Without you Without me Without you Without me Without you Without me Without you Without me VERSE 3: Look at us Going our separate ways Look at us Looking forward to better days Too bad for us You could have had me in your arms always So sad for us Now we have to end this phase Without me there to cheer you Without you ag-ging me on Without me there to fear you As I play all the wrong songs Without you in my dreams Without you stirring my sleep Without you coming clean Without me you will be ENDING CHORUS: Eee finally freeeee You are Free Finally Free Free from meee Without you Without me Without you Without meeeee Without you Without meeee Without you Without meeeeeeeeeee Creep.