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Lani Ford: Music

The Curse

Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

THE CURSE (PAYING DUES) Lani Ford  2000 VERSE 1: I wish this heartache weren't real Wish you could feel the way I feel My heart's done been ripped out' my chest I know I'll never be the best Wide-eyed, a child, I longed for more Went off in search of distant shores But all I ever found was me I can never be set free from that chain to which I'm bound that do always keep me down I brought it with me for 5 generations The shame becomes my expectations CHORUS: The curse oh the curse It's my inheritance, you see That curse awful curse has its stranglehold on me. VERSE 2: It ain't good to know the truth but I can't deny the proof I's born with nothin', gonna die with nothin' Can't even get me some so-so lovin' 'Round my neck is the albatross Upon my back's a heavy cross My hierlooms 're tears and guilty thoughts Don't know what I should and what I naught But it done no good 'cause I can't win My soul's made up of hate and sin And of course there's jealousy My past, my blood done put a spell on me. CHORUS VERSE 3: Don't have no time for men Don't have no time for friends I am gonna make it now that my baby's gone, I'm alive somehow It's so great to be me I'm fat, poor, and yes ugly My parents didn't even love me cuz I'm a freak as you can plainly see There's no way to pay for your sins They all repay by staying within Then you pass it on to yours It keeps on bein' the family curse CHORUS