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Lani Ford: Music


March 9, 2010
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

Lani wrote this song in 1999 but couldn't let it go. Finally it has a life.

NIGHTMARES Lani Ford ©1999/2003 INTRO: VERSE 1: In these dirty sheets of shame I wallow My pride, my pain I swallow. Surrounded by my misery, I drink another toast to me And fall asleep to dream about tomorrow. VERSE 2: On these guilty streets of rain I travel The judge has swung his gavel Deeming me the slut I am And I don’t even give a damn I lie awake and think I’ll clean this hovel. CHORUS: Nightmares come And embrace me I feel so dumb Can’t even face me Myself can’t even seem to tell How my shell fell into this hell But someone…must release me. BRIDGE: I drink the poison, I say the prayer, I pray to heaven But he don’t care. I have the wisdom But I won’t share I’ll wake up again and That’s too much to bear. SOLO over CHORUS VERSE 3: Expect the worst, hope for the best. I have to rise above the rest. Hoping that my mind goes blind, Don’t even have time to be kind. Pissing in the wind and heading to the west. CHORUS TWICE Repeat last line