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Lani Ford: Music

End Of The Line

March 9, 2010
Written by: Lani Ford, Publisher: Kicking and Screaming Music

Lani wrote this song while driving her U-Haul from Texas to New York and had forgotten about it. When she uncovered it last year, she brought it to the band and it made it onto the album.

END OF THE LINE ©Lani Ford/STARK 2008 Lani Ford 718-791-6240 starknyc@hotmail.com INTRO VERSE 1: 9 hours from Mom’s to Memphis 9 more and I’ll be missin’ ‘em but at least I got my dog Lots of highways and freaks between us But you know I’ll still be seein’ ya No more time lost in the fog CHORUS: Going to see What’s waitin’ for me At the end of the line Going to be What’s best for me In the prime of my life At this time in my life VERSE 2: 2 roomies, 3 bags, and 10 days and so the decision was made leave your paycheck at the door As children we start so innocent But as adults we all get broken Leave the pieces on the floor CHORUS BREAKDOWN SOLO CHORUS VERSE 3: The big city can seem so evil But in reality every place is cruel Keep the baggage on your back Who know what will lie in store When tomorrow comes beggin’ back for more Keep your belongings in a sack